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Pet Nat

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Pet Nat, or petillant naturel (translated from French means natural sparkling wine), is a light, natural sparkling wine obtained by the ancestral method, which means that it is bottled before the fermentation process is completed and carbon dioxide is formed from natural sugar from grapes. Our Pet Nat is a light and drinkable wine, intensely aromatic with lots of pears and apples on the palate, and yet focused and vibrant. This type of sparkling wine is ideal for consumption completely chilled to less than 6C during hot summer days, but it can also be consumed as an aperitif or with a light fish-based food.

Year: 2021

The artwork implemented on the label, in the very name “PET NAT”, is the work of the famous painter Marko Brajković, who currently lives in Buje and runs his own gallery in Grožnjan.
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Grape variety:
Malvazija istarska
Natural sparkling wine
Wine growing area:
West Istria, Croatia
Santa Lucia
Vineyard age and yield:
13 years, 2kg
Altitude of vineyard:
Vineyard orientation:
South, southwest
Soil composition:
Flysch, limestone and clay
By hand


Manual grape selection, pressing, half fermentation in inox and half fermentation in bottle
8 months


Alcohol by volume:
11,0 vol %
Unfermented sugar:
4 g/l
Total acidity:
5,8 g/l
Bottle size:
0,75 l
Serving temperature:
6-8 °C

Weight 1,3 kg